Humans are fallible beings. High-pressure environments and situations demand high expectations of people, continually testing the capabilities of individuals and groups. In workplaces, public spaces, at large events or transport hubs, there could be any one of a hundred very human reasons why things aren’t working optimally.

Human factors research seeks to explain the environmental, behavioural and social reasons behind the ways people act and react. At User Perspective, our human factors experts help clients to understand the subtle combination of what people can do, and what they will do. Put simply, we know how people work – and more importantly, how we can help them to work better.


Safeguard your Assets and Reputation

If your organisation is experiencing problems with safety or security systems, give us a call. We will help you to understand the systemic causes behind the issue and minimise your reputational risk. Our experienced researchers understand human capabilities and behaviour, and work with your entire team, from senior management to your feet on the ground. They’ll help you to get to the bottom of what’s not working, and why.

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Understanding and Improving
Human-System Interactions

Planning to implement a new technology or service throughout your organisation?

We understand that large-scale changes can be challenging to put in place, and costly if they don’t work as intended. You have to demonstrate that change doesn’t just work in theory, but in practice as well. We’ll build relationships with the people in your team who’ll work with these systems every day, and help you to ensure that they can have the best possible impact.

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human-system interactions in a number of industries.

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Incident Investigation

When serious incidents happen and you need to find the human causes of what went wrong, User Perspective are here to help. Our real-world experience and scientific insights into people’s capabilities in stressful situations or at critical moments add weight to any case of accident investigation.

We’ve applied our expertise to investigations across a range of industries – find out how here

We are User Perspective

We are human factors specialists, and an in-depth knowledge of scientific and psychological principles underpins all the work that we do. Our clients trust us to deliver rigorous research and sound, evidence-based advice, combined with a commercial understanding of the practicalities involved. We understand, explain and help predict human behaviour, and use our findings to guide future thinking, technology and workforce development.

Founded in 2005, User Perspective followed the work of Dr Martin Langham’s Human Factors group within the School of Cognitive and Computing Sciences at the University of Sussex. We are based in the Sussex Innovation Centre on the University of Sussex campus in Brighton and in central Croydon.