Expertise for road traffic incidents

Anthony MatsellIncident investigation, Road safety


Very often, a number of factors come together to contribute to a road traffic incident. Some of these may be immediately obvious, but there are often times when it is difficult to determine the most likely cause of a collision.

User Perspective has provided human factors insight and expertise to both police and solicitors on a considerable number of cases, providing understanding of complex incidents. We have often been involved in cases where human perceptions and reactions are critical, for example driving at night, when glare is a factor, or the common errors by drivers who “looked but failed to see”. Our prowess and knowledge in these areas has led members of the User Perspective team to be called upon as expert witnesses for the Court.

Our extensive scientific knowledge of human factors in driving and our systematic approach to reviewing cases means that a clearer picture of what likely happened will always be possible. Contact us if you’d like to get our perspective on a road traffic incident.