Communicating security messages during induction

Anthony MatsellSecurity


Communicating security values and behaviours to its employees can strengthen the resilience of an organization to security breaches and threats in addition to physical and technological measures. However, messages around security may get diluted amongst an organization’s other communications, and so it is vital that security is built up from an employee’s first day in an organization. User Perspective conducted … Read More

Support to security teams at the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Anthony MatsellControl rooms, Security


As a temporary major event, providing security at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow involved a number of human factors challenges. Similar to our work at the 2012 Olympic Games in London, User Perspective provided human factors advice and training to security teams working at the Commonwealth Games. In addition, User Perspective produced a definitive guide to human factors issues … Read More

CCTV security at the 2012 London Olympics

Anthony MatsellControl rooms, Security


The 2012 Olympic games in London represented a major logistical challenge when monitoring the security of the events, of which CCTV control rooms formed a significant part. As trusted experts in considering the human element in CCTV operation, User Perspective were asked to visit and provide training at temporary CCTV control rooms operating at the Olympic Games. This was especially … Read More

Continuing work in healthcare

Anthony MatsellHealthcare, Incident investigation


The cost of error in the healthcare sector can be very high for patients and their families, as well as medical practitioners and managers who are involved. Hospital staff members work in diverse teams, with intricate problems and often use complex technology in time-pressured and safety-critical conditions – it is obvious that the human factors approach can provide benefits in … Read More